Friday, August 19, 2005


Visited Fiberfest and managed to bring home a considerable addition the spinning stash. Got some lovely hand-painted wool/silk roving from Nancy Finn which will have to wait until I get the courage to attempt it. I also purchased a pound of one of Crosspatch’s blends and some merino to add to the collection. I also found some lovely glass buttons for some works in progress.

There was a pattern company there that had some wonderful stuff. I limited myself to three, but will probably succumb to more. Two of the patterns are perfect for some of the fabric I brought back from Guatemala. Now I just have to unearth the sewing machine.

While this was a nice show, it was really oriented to quilters and did not have quite the breadth of yarn/roving nor of wheels I had hoped to see. I was worried that I should have waited for this event to buy a wheel and was glad that I had not waited. My Fricke is still doing wonderfully!


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