Sunday, August 19, 2007


I spent all day in a great class with Judith Mackenzie McCuin. She is a fabulous teacher. This class was spinning for knitting. We covered worsted, three ply with angora wool, merino, alpaca silk, cashmere, bison and learned tons. I think that I finally get spinning a good worsted yarn now. She also gave notes on how to figure how much yarn needed for a sweater, etc that will come in very handy. Unfortunately, for me, I forgot to take my book to have her sign it, alas!

Fiber Fest has gotten smaller yet again. Though there was a vendor there with very lovely felted garments. My guess is that they were done from wool jersey. She also had some very handsome and way too pricey jewelry that was very inspirational. I came home with two Park Bench patterns, two Lendrum bobbins, some knitting needles and two very lovely Ernst buttons.

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