Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Three new titles arrived in Saturday's mail. I always have loved the kimono shape and there are several interesting variations in the Knit Kimono book that might be fun to try. Twisted sisters has some good ideas for making handspun yarn translate to a commercial pattern that specifies a certain yarn. Last the feltmaking--just wanted it for the library. I did not own one of hers and this one sounded like a good one and it is. Now all I need is enough time to sit and browse.

I am taking a class with Judith Mackenzie this weekend on spinning for knitters and hope to get lots of good pointers. I really enjoyed the class that I had with her this past spring at the ASCH conference.

The Spindlicity cruise is coming up fast, just a little over a week and I need to spend sometime getting ready for that as well.

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