Sunday, June 14, 2009


Two projects on the needles--February Lady Sweater worked in handspun CrossPatch Lemon/Lime. The picture is very fuzzy and does not do much for the work, but the color/texture is very nice at least in the garter stitch part. When I get to the lace body it may be another matter. Right now I am enjoying watching it develop. It is also the perfect project to drag along to knit groups as it is fairly mindless.

My other project is an alpaca scarf by Ann Hanson. She calls this one Alhambra and the yarn is from an indy dyer Dicentra (sp?) in her Calendual colorway. It is not a difficult pattern but requires simple counting on every row and at times is too much for my limited brain. It isn't going to be a very large scarf. The pattern called for 350 yards and I have 500 that I will knit up. A note on the pattern said that this would require vigorous blocking which I hope will help correct the various sizes of holes and make them more uniform.

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