Thursday, August 20, 2009


This summer has been one of much too much introspection and escapism into books. As much as I do love the indie bookstores, I really love how Amazon fuels my need for instant gratification. Unfortunately most of the local libraries, including us, do not buy to my information needs and tastes so there I am pressing the order button and making the over-worked postal employee lug countless packages to my door.

This summer saw the publication of three new spinning books and while all had something to say and some interesting photos, only one had any real use and that was the Judith's Intentional Spinner. She breaks the basics down into manageable parts and also adds in many extras (I wish that I had studied the bit on bobble yarn before GGFI). This is definitely one every spinner should have in their ready reference library.

Spin, Dye and Stitch tries to cover too much and spincontrol is too narrowly focused but with that being said, both are worth taking a look at as they have some interesting examples and ideas. If you are not building a library as I am then try to get your local library to borrow these from some of the bigger ones so that you can check them out instead of purchasing.

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At 7:11 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

Check out your library's web page. It may have a page where you can make recommendations for acquisitions. Ours does, and they usually purchase the selections I've recommended and I'm first on the "hold" list when they come in. Love it.
Just a thought. Thanks for the quick review of the spinning books.


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