Thursday, June 03, 2010


Spinning for May--over 3,000 yards. I have no life, just spinning. The redish colorway is from Lauri Lawson and is two different (somehow lost the tags) plied together and are planned for a possible vest. Need to spin some more yarn!

The purple came from an ETSY vendor whose tag I also lost, but remember the colorway Asami. I wasn't happy with how this plied using the jumbo head on the Lendrum--plys much too losely--so I ran it through again and plied it very tightly. It will be a warp for some as yet to be dreamed up project.
The lovely blue is a Chameleon Colorworks that I love and will have to ask Nancy for more. There are only about 600 yards here of fingering weight.

I am trying hard to spin up stuff from the stash and also to have some yarns for weaving. This is part of my new economic policy to save some $$$ but since nature abhors a vaccumm, it probably won't work.
The Little Old Spinner from Pasadena.



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