Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tour de fleece

Tour de fleece
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So far behind in posting that I can't remember where I left off. But maybe it was with the Tour de Fleece madness that caught me and would not let go. I set an original goal of 1000 yards for the 14 day period. Very doable in that amount of time. When I finally stopped at about the 12 day mark there was almost 8000 yards of string and a big dent in the fiber stash at my house. I spun every moment I could fit it in while still managing work, eating and a bit of sleeping. My speed has become very fast on the upside, but quality has diminished on the down. I am working very hard to keep some of the speed but improve the quality. I spun, Polwarth, silk/merino,Falkland, Optum and BFL

A side effect of all of this is the partial group shot is the realization that I seem to be caught in a color warp. Have to work on that.

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At 6:31 PM, Blogger Janel Laidman said...

I recognize some of those!

8000 yards! that's pretty amazing.


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