Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Even with balanced light this swatch is still too orange. It is actually a lovely rust blend of hand-dyed polwarth that I bought at SOAR last year from Rovings. Admittedly I was severely under the weather with a major UTI but this stuff was very felted. Since I had spent so much money on this I was determined to get yarn and literally forced it into being. I ended up with tons of the stuff and decided to make a sweater using a CocoKnits pattern which was chosen because of the felt flower they used to close the garment in one shot. I have a lovely felted flower that Lorretta Oliver gave me when I chaired the weaving conference and it is a perfect match. All I have left is the shawl collar and to add a bit to the cuffs. Of course it is past the very short period of time that anyone in Southern California needs a wool sweater, so will have to wait for a cold day to debut this light-weight drapey jacket!

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