Monday, October 24, 2011


Three different takes on a Wall of Troy variant threading. The purple/green and the unfinished are warps handpainted in Nancy Finn's class at Black Sheep and woven with tencel weft threads. The yarns for these are a lace weight yarn and the tencel is an 8/2. The other, a slightly different variant was woven in a bamboo. All of these are now totally finished, including twisted fringe and added to my swatch pile that hopefully will keep growing along with my skills as a weaver.

I am trying to keep something going on the loom at all times and was doing a good job until the Halloween costume season hit. There are a couple of other experiments using handspun warps to
share when I get around to taking the pictures. Last night started threading a warp that I dyed in graduated shades of grey and have a couple of more warps wound waiting their turn.

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