Sunday, September 04, 2005


Finally finished—my little red hen. This started as roving dyed at the Stitch Café, yarn spun on my drop spindle, though the last little bit was finished on the wheel and knitted from what started out as a doodle. The buttons were a Fiber Fest purchase, splurge actually, and are Czech glass. I did the collar with decreases instead of short rows and am fairly happy with how it turned up. The close up is a pattern/color detail. I ended up with about a 2” ball of leftover yarn—cut it very close! I don't have an actual start date for this project, but think the roving was dyed sometime at the end of May or beginning of June. which is not a long timeline for a project, but have to admit to a bit (lol) of an obsession! Something new and previously unexperienced in my life. Now if I could just figure out how to translate this to other areas no telling what I could do.

Determined to learn how to do short rows I discovered the pattern for this purse from “Just One More Row” and knit it up in doubled Noro Kujaku that I had been hording in the stash. I added the I-cord to the seam edge to give the bag and handle a little more stability, also wanted to try doing an attached I-cord. This project from start to finish was only a couple of evenings parked in front of mindless TV--not a bad showing for time misspent. In the past I have not been interested in knitted bags, but after this one may change my mind. I would like to try the felted bag in the current issue of Knit Off if I could just decide on a color.


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