Sunday, May 21, 2006


It's hard to believe that Zora will be one month old on Thursday. It seemed that it took her so long to get here and now the time is just flying by. The changes in her seem to come so fast now that I am not seeing her every day (Yes, I finally had to go back to work and have had to do twelve-hour days to make up missing the two weeks. I am dragging!). Last week I had seen her on Monday and then again Thursday night. Her face had changed noticably and she was even more alert. When I went to leave I bent down to give her a kiss and she leaned forward to accept it--very cute. I am in love.

Trying to get back in a more normal and regular zone and have spent the day spinning some fiber I bought from Ruth Northrup at the last meeting. I got a lot done but can't decide how to ply it. Pictures later.


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