Thursday, June 22, 2006


Went down to Ramona last weekend with some fiber pals and visited the Powell Sheep Company where I purchased all of this loveliness--all nine pounds of a Columbia sheep fleece that used to belong to a sheep named plum. It seemed like such a wonderful idea at the time and the fleece was so lovely. I had read all about scouring a fleece and always thought that it was way too much work--and the reality is that it is! What was I thinking?

This is what happened when it went through a combing process to open the locks and several soakings in Dawn and then hot water to melt out all the lanolin. It is lovely and white.
But then it has to be carded, which is not one of my major skills. I think I have to find someone to work with me on this one. Combing looks easier, but those combs are so lethal looking.
Finally to the wheel it goes and becomes yarn! Well, my version of yarn that is.
And in the midst of all this fun---finished socks. These are from the Interweave Sock Book.


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