Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Eight ounces of Chameleon Colorworks Fiber of the month in the colorway Stonewashed spun up into a little over 725 yards. I have misplaced the label but think that this is a merino bamboo blend. It spun up very easily and will most likely find its way into a Christmas gift.

Another fiber of the month, this one is Veridian and the lovely sheen is due to the fact that this fiber is Optim. Lovely to spin, wonderful to
touch and nice to knit with. I am thinking about combining this with another Chameleon colorway September for a lacy sweater. I only had four ounces of it and am busy swatching up an idea, so have yet to photo it. Obviously I will need more of both to knit up enough fabric to cover this body and will have to do some serious math to figure it out. A sweater in Optim seems like a wonderful luxury but too warm for California. I am hoping that a nice open lace pattern will help overcome that obstacle.

Lastly the white in the bag is a pile of balance singles that I spun up for
what I hope will be fun project a la Kathryn Alexander. More on that
later after I get the dyeing underway.

Spinning total for July = 20 ounces

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