Saturday, June 21, 2008


I attended the Dye Retreat sponsored by Griffin Dyeworks last week. It's a fun very casual event that takes place at a Boy Scout camp in Castaic. The heat and bugs were in the usual full supply but that damped no one's spirits. They have really expanded the class list and while I was in a sit back mood, I did take a couple. I have learned how to use multiple heddles to make my Kromski loom expand it's horizons and will try it out as soon as I order more heddles. Best part of the event was scoring many old issues of Spin-off which will provide lots of entertainment this summer.

I dyed some wool and wasn't thrilled. It was an overdye of a real mistake and I am fixing it today in this 100+ heat. Maybe not the smartest thing I have ever done.Also decided that it is a good day for blocking and hope to have pictures of my lace shawl and the lace baby blanket soon. There has been much knitting going on here.

The official confirmation from SOAR arrived over a week ago, so to the Poconos I go!


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