Sunday, May 25, 2008


Finally have a weekend where I can move a little better. I have been suffering from severe sciatic nerve issues for over a week. Last weekend I could barely walk so at least that is better.

The ASCH Conference is taking way too much of my life. I am trying very hard to deal with the stress but getting volunteers to follow through on jobs they have agreed to undertake is a big job. This event is a big ticket item and without more follow through, hard work and major luck we may be lost.

Knitting life is back to baby things, though that isn't for the public (Then why is she writing about it here?) Photos of FO's and things in process:

Brenda Papita's Twisted Lace scarf knit in my own handspun yarn in a Lori Lawson colorway whose name excapes me.

My version of the Noro stripe scarf.

Baby Surprise knit in a nylon tape that I had in the stash. I am trying to decide where or not to add the pointed edging to the shoulders. The gender of this one is yet to be determined and I am worrying that the mother might think that this is too feminine. Without it the jacket seems so plain.

This is a test square for Zora's counterpane inspired by Jan Messent's Knitted Garden. This is the cabbage and berry patch to be followed by flower gardens, ponds, pastures, castles, houses, barns, people and animals. I am aiming to have this one finished for the Christmas before she turns four.

The beginnings of Estonia Lullaby baby blanket knit in a wool superwash that I got on sale at Unwind last Friday.

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At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Francesca said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sciatica; I know it's very painful and I hope the worst is over.

The "counterpane" is wonderful. Is that going to be a blanket?


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