Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My need to sit on the aisle on the plane kept me from getting the lovely mountain shots coming into Seattle so you will need to check out Janel's blog to see those.

It was an amazing four days of being
surrounded by wonderful creative people. There was so much talent in the Murano Hotel that the glow of all of that must have seen from outer space. Check the NASA photos for a bright dot in the Pacific Northwest.

I had classes all day everyday and while it was demanding, it was also an exhilarating experience. The first two days were spent spinning energized singles with Kathryn Alexander and then knitting them up to see what happened when you knit with either "S" spun or "Z" spun yarn. On Saturday I had two three hour sessions with her as well, one of knitting doodads, very fun, and another on entrelac. She wore the skirt in the photo one day and it is really lovely on.

Sunday was an all day class on intarsia with Lucy Neatby. I think that I may now be ready to tackle
something more than a lamb on a baby sweater. (The gorgeous sweater in the photo next to Lucy was worn by a fellow Ravelry knitter)

The marketplace had wonderful treasures and I managed to come home with enough Kathryn Alexander dyed singles for a project. (It's peanut butter sandwiches for me for the rest of the month.

Janel and Una were gracious roommates and my inflatable mattress very comfy. But I must admit to being very tired and in need of major rest--unfortunately the day job is getting in the way of that.

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