Sunday, March 23, 2008


It was a
gorgeous Easter afternoon here. My sister hosted a lovely luncheon and egg hunt with family and friends. The temperature was in the low 90's and the sky clear and blue. Did I remember the camera to take pictures of the lovely Zora in her pretty pink Easter frock--not I. I will probably lose my card in the Grandma club. This was her first intro to candy and am sure that it will not be her last. They were able to spend most of the afternoon with us before heading off to his family's gathering.

Pictures of the finally finished shrug and jacket, note the buttons from Shelia Ernst. The Shrug was knit in handspun CrossPatch in a pattern from Garter Belt Designs and the jacket is my take on the Sally Melville Faith Jacket. I forgot the Noro scarf also recently finished. Next time.

The thornless rose is in full bloom and lovely. This year it has the nicest fragrance something I don't remember from years past. By the time I return from the freezing wilds of Minneapolis it will not be as lovely and I am sorry to miss it. Even though this is a work trip and these conferences are always major work it will be nice to escape reality here (which has been much too real) and hopefully forget things for the week. It is scheduled to snow while I am there so maybe the brain will freeze enough to cause amnesia.

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At 8:10 PM, Blogger fluffbuff said...

My only time in Minneapolis was also for a conference, in spring, and it was snowing. I remember using the closed bridges between buildings (I forget what they are called), something I've never seen anywhere else.

Have a good trip and maybe we can get together soon, after you get back.


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