Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Home, back at work and having major SOAR withdrawal. Forgot to take the camera with me so have to take pictures now that I am at home.

My first three days were spent in Deb Menz's carding class. We spent a lot of time carding batts to her specs--complimentary colors, analogus colors, triads. The first day I was exhausted as I had been on my feet for six hours turning a drum carder. Eventually my body adjusted and it was not so painful. She had us matching a color swatch through carding. The results were the lovely batts in the picture (When I was finished with the class I went straight to the Post Office which was located right in the hotel and sent the biggest priority mail container home full of them). Deb was very generous with fiber.

The final day of the class was spent in carding batts and then spinning. My multicolored yarn should yield a scarf. I didn't ply them per her suggestion and will experiment knitting them up. I did process the yarn a la Katherine Alexander and they are now balanced singles and may produce some interesting results. Stay tune

Every day at SOAR there were so many things to learn whether from a teacher or a fellow student that my head is still reeling for the experience.

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