Thursday, January 07, 2010


Still haven't taken any pictures of the FO's and yes, there are several. Among them are two scarves done with some handspun, one of which has made several public appearances.

The books are all part of the Christmas loot--lucky, lucky, so very lucky me. The Amazon wish list feature really works!

Reversible Knitting co
ntains few garment or accessory patterns but lots of stitch swatches and directions. These are some of the best that I have seen and I wanted to sit Christmas day and start swatching away but was at my daughter's house and had no spare yarn or needled with me. I did come home and start a scarf with some Chameleon Colorworks handspun
in the Black Cherry colorway that I am happy with so far. There were so many to choose from that it was hard to settle down to just one. This book will keep me going for quite a while

The Mary Thomas book is another treasure of new patterns
and ideas. I love these old Dover books and am so glad that
they keep these titles in print as they are part of our history and
should not be lost.

Knitting Brioche is another inspirational title and is full of great
photos. This is something else I plan to pursue this year along
with more lace knitting.

My new loom is still sitting in the same place i dumped it after bringing it home. There was no spare time for me during Christmas as I had to go into work even though I was on vacation. Maybe this spring....

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