Sunday, September 05, 2010


Shibouri ggfi
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This year's class was dye/weave with Judith and as usual I learned more than I can still process. We did shibori dyeing and weaving (my woven piece is at the top left). The silk scarf was first and done by stitching and tying in garbanzo beans as resists. The shirt was a bonus.

We also tied some ikat warps which took forever to dry so they became the at home project. I just wound off some yarn for spacers last night and hope to get mine at least started in the warp process this week. The wool we used is a bit scratchy and should make a good bag. In the warp change the colors I used look very good. The yarn is large (#10 reed) so should be easy to warp. I have forgotten how much I warped so will have to count and adjust with the extra yarn. Stay tuned...

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