Sunday, October 30, 2005


This has turned into so much more involved project than I first imagined. I think that my skills are fairly advance, but this may be beyond me. After finishing the faire isle section I decided to block it to make it easier to knit together and to weave in the ends. I had no idea that this would be so tricky. I am going to have to steam it into place by degree. The picture is of the second pinning and it still needs another. Currently I am working on the 211 stitch garter stitch section that ends in a 30 i-cord fringe. Those are knit on a size one using a single strand of the yarn. I think that I must have been on crack when I thought that this would be fun.

The Knitty Yorick scarf was fun, quick and has real potential. I still want to embroider them like the sugar skulls. Think that white on white might be an interesting proposition with some beads or maybe sequins added for sparkle.


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