Monday, October 24, 2005


Another wonderful package from my SP. Her intuitions are very good. The Wegman book is so much fun and a real asset to my collection. My lack of talent with a camera dooes't do the yarn that came in the package justice. One is a lovely blue/grey/brown fiber and the others have brown with hints of purple/blue/camel/black and they are all very lovely and while I don't have a set idea for them think that at least one may become part of a multidirectional project I am contemplating. Such fun things to consider much more than what is going on in my real life at the moment.

Knitting is such a lovely way to escape the pressures of real life and recharge the batteries. And recharge is just what I have been doing for the past two days. I did get my daughter out for a while and listened to her hurt and anger. Divorce, as I well know is probably one of life's cruelest experiences. It hurts as a parent when you can no longer fix things for your children. Of course I haven't been able to do that for years, but one can always hope. My escape has been to do some spinning of the roving I dyed and on the Crosspatch that I got at Fiber Fest. Also worked on the Color on Color scarf which requires too much concentration, so did the Yorick from Knitty for some comic relief. Love the way it came out and may do another--very quick one and one-half evenings--and embroider it like the Mexican calaveras. Blogger is not cooperating and will have to upload the pictures later.

IN COLD BLOOD is still waiting for me to finish it so that I can participate in the book group tomorrow morning. It is a masterpiece, albeit a dark one and is an attention grabber, but tonight I would rather be sated with mindless TV.


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