Monday, October 10, 2005


-The first results of the merino/silk that I dyed a couple of weeks ago are in -- a grand total of seven ounces. Still have eight more to spin and sixteen more to dye. I am loving the swatch though. At first I was going to Navajo ply the singles primarily for the experience and to make a heavier yarn, but since I decided to use this to make the sweater in Iris Schreier's Modular Knits did a two-ply. I am going to make the sweater with longer sleeves than shown--my arms are no longer, if they ever were, fit to see the light of day. I am anxious to get started on this project but have to finish a few already on the needles before I allow myself this pleasure.

The gray is the merino/silk that I started at the dye retreat. I still have quite a bit of that left to spin as well. Unfortunately my photographic skills don't show this off to it's best advantage. It has the lovliest sheen to it along with a hint of blue and a hint of brown. I don't have a vision for this yet, but am sure that something will come up that will show it's true beauty.

Tonight is the first knit along at Unraveled in Monrovia. We are doing a scarf in Scarf STYLE that is done using the Paternayan needlepoint yarns. It has some interesting techniques that should be fun to do and a nice way to end the weekend.


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