Thursday, September 29, 2005


The results of Monday's dyefest. I finally got around to dyeing the silk/merino that I bought at the dye retreat. It took much longer than I thought that it would--five hours. So far I am in love with the results, but the proof will be in how it looks when spun up. I am going to do some of this batch to make sure that I really like this before doing the other pound. I am spinning like crazy to get the grey merino/silk off the spindles so that I can start this on Saturday at the Guild meeting.

On Sunday I went down to Alamitos Bay to pick up the supplies for camp and saw some great patterns. One is a kimono type with bands edging the sweater if a semi-traditional kimono style and the other has a collar that intrigues me. So I had to buy both and spend way over the limit, but since it took an hour to get there on a Sunday it seemed like a good idea. Anyway when do I ever need an excuse to spend money.

After seven tries--yes I have no life--I finally got the baby blanket started. The chart is very subtle and what on a glance looks like one thing on close look, after it was already done, was another. I think that maybe I better blow this up to life-size and then maybe I will get somewhere. It's done on size 3 in Rowan's version of baby cashmerino and if every finished will be very lovely. According to my calculations if I can slog through three rows a day it may even be done in time to be used to bring the baby home from the hospital.

Two weeks until knitting camp--counting the days.


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