Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Started this last night at Unraveled in Monrovia. It's not a class but a knit along and was very fun. They are very friendly out there and such lovely hostesses! Tasty snacks were set out for all to enjoy. I had been going to call my knitting niece to see if she would join me, the owner of the shop is a friend of hers, but decided not to as I was sure that she would never spend the money to do this project. Who shows up but Ansley! I am doing the scarf in a million Paternayan colors and she is doing hers in other fiber and fewer colors. There are a zillion sections and I finished six last night and have the thread for several more. I also joined the online group to aleast be warned of the pitfalls. It seems like this is going to be a fun way to spend a Monday night. I wonder how many weeks it will take to finish?


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