Friday, June 30, 2006


The nicest package arrived in the mail today from my secret pal all the way from Hamburg, Germany. She sent the loveliest blue yarn--picture does not do the color justice--handspun from a sheep from Saxony. It is the most gorgeous job of spinning and exactly what I have been trying to achieve with my long draw. I am thrilled to have something this wonderful to inspire me towards my goal. The card also brought back memories of time I spent in her very lovely town.
She also included the nicest box of beads from all over the world, some came from India, Czech Republic, Israel and other distant parts. There was also a flower clasp that will make anything I compose with these treasures even nicer. This was truly a wonderful and very thoughtful surprise. I love all of it--thank you SP!!!
Practice is paying off. The skein on the left is an older attempt at long draw and the skein on the right is my most current. Progress may be slow, but it is happening. It is so hot and humid here right now that knitting isn't fun, but fortunately spinning is.


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