Sunday, August 06, 2006

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE....for SP8 Mama, Shelby

DSC00351 (2)
This is the oldest UFO--my Color on Color scarf. I have hit a very rough spot with this one, so it is on hiatus. When my life, work and the weather calms down IT WILL BE FINISHED as there is too much time and money in this one to let it go.
My Noro sweater which started out as the "Faith" sweater and has morphed into something else. It just needs the collar joined and the sleves done to make it's debut. Also waiting for cooler weather.
My lovely shawly from Angela's (SP7--Check her site and contribute to the wheels and cards for Ethiopia drive) rayon flax. It is over 6 feet at this point but I am determined to use all the yarn.
Last but not very cute yet,(had to frog the cute smocked part as it will be too short for her by December)is Zora baby's Christmas dress--a Debbie Bliss cutie with lambs frollicking on the front.

My spinning mania to sit and spin in front of the fan. The weather is heating up so look for more. The yellow is the first skein for a sweater for ZB.


At 11:56 PM, Anonymous janel said...

ooh, Theresa, what are the hanging skeins?


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