Sunday, August 13, 2006


Stash Scarf

Spent the afternoon knitting and chatting with Francesca and Margarete (owner of the wonderful new fiber store Stick and Stone Fiberarts). The shop is a riot of the most gorgeous colors and fibers. I came home with some green cotton and some multicolored rayon than I plan to ply with wool. The company was, as always good and it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

I was working with some stuff I have been sitting and looking at for the past month wondering what to do with it. This was the result of a dyeing experiment. I had some rust-colored dye left in the pot and dumped some chained roving into it and was very pleased with the results. It spun up to resemble the very labor intense hand painted stuff I have been working on. Plan to try this technique again but add in some more colors. The scarf shows off the color variations and is an interesting architectural design. It too has sent my brain a flying and plan to play with a few more variations on this theme.


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