Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Result of dye day at my house. Brought home the old turkey roaster from Monterey and it works great for dyeing. I am using up all the old acid dyes I have on hand and colored thirteen skeins of "pony" to practice with on the loom. This is the type of yarn we used with Judith at GGFI and it is cheap and works up well. I just ordered 15 more skeins (880 yards each) that will also have to dyed.

Have to wind all this mess up before the warping can begin and it had better be soon before I forget all that I learned about warping in the class. Judith suggested that I take the rosepath threading and do all the variations so that I get more comfortable with the warping process. She hates the floating selvage but after looking at my sad shibori sample, know that I need it. I also want to try some more shibori now that I understand what I am doing (somewhat anyway).

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