Monday, November 14, 2005


My mail box was full of delights when I arrived home today. On the doorstep was a box full of treasures from my fantastic Secret Pal. It is totally amazing how she had pegged me from that questionaire. I have lots of yarn to dye which is just what I wanted as I plan to do something akin to Katherine Alexander's multicolor stuff and the only way to do that is to dye it myself. Also in the package were two patterns that I had been lusting after and that will be perfect when knit up in some of the homespun. All I have to do is finish the Christmas knitting and then the fun will be all mine. And if that wasn't enough she also tucked in a lovely bottle of freesia (my favorite scent) lotion to soothe these over worked hands.

Also in the mail box was my first installment from the Yarn of the Month Club--it contained some silk blends, a crochet pattern that I will give to a friend and some information about silk that answered some questions that I had. It will be nice to try some of this before committing to a project and to have a swatch around to think about future adventures.

I have been so busy the past couple of weeks putting together my presentation for the conference together that there hasn't been any spinning or knitting time around here. But that's over now and I am going to work hard to make up for lost time. Two meetings this week--one spinning group and one knitting group, a spin-in at a guild member's house which will be fun and give me another chance to get acquainted with this group and make some new friends. Also if there is enough time then I'll squeeze in another spinning group that I have been invited to join. It is really nice to be making contact with women who share my interests and passions. My friends are the best, but none of them is interested in any of the fiber arts. Now I will have the best of both--fantastic old friends and wonderful new ones from whom I am learning so much. Lucky me!


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