Tuesday, April 17, 2007


After a way too rigorous week taking care of Zora while her parents were celebrating the New York opening and trying to keep up at work, I hid all weekend and played. After finishing the socks I did some felting with CrossPatch over a small plastic Easter egg and this was the result. I'm still not sure how I will put them together and they definitely need some embellishment. Something to think about while I wind my way through another long week--only one more to go the grant is finished.

No pictures of the dye projects--two greens one very brilliant and the other less so. I also dyed up some Brown Sheep mill ends that I have had sitting around here for a long time--they were brown and white and now are brown (even darker than before), white (very little), turquoise blue and a touch of purple and a very small touch of fushia. Will take photos when I home next in the daylight.



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