Sunday, March 11, 2007


My package finally arrived last Friday. Most of the participants got their's at least a week ago. The yarn has a nice feel to it, but the colorway is a little unsual. The photo makes it look green and purple, but it has more grays and brown in it. This is my first attempt at a toe up sock and while it doesn't seem very difficult, the pattern needs a bit of editing. Fortunately there is a blog where other knitters discuss the problems they have encountered, so I guess that there are some advantages to starting last. The instep is knit tightly as it is supposed to be "supportive." I have some wool socks that I wear when trekking and they are snug around the instep and feel great, hope that these do as well. It is so warm here today that wearing a wool sock or a sock of anykind is not something I want to think about.



At 12:22 AM, Anonymous janel said...

wow, is that the box it comes in? or is that a binder? No wonder that sock club is so expensive! I'm having fun living vicariously through you, but I wish I could go to the sock camp!


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