Saturday, February 18, 2006


I thought that I had finished spinning this lovely blue that I plan on using for a shrug for one of the daughters and could move on to the Alpaca that I got in Solvang, but no such luck. Just found another 1/2 pound that needs to be done. I'm sure that I will need it for the project so just have to bite the bullet and get busy.

My Yarn of the Month Club keeps on coming and bringing fun goodies. Right now I am content with enjoying gazing upon the little bags of yarn as I am too busy spinning to think about buying any more yarn. It would just hang out in the studio with the other commerical yarn that has yet to inspire me.

My frustration levels are so very high at the moment. I know that I just have to get over it but it is so hard as the assaults are coming from all fronts. I know that I just have to give up the idea that I will make the conference in Boston. My daughter needs me to help her now and having been in her position I know how scarey it is. It's just that between both girls there has been no time for me and I haven't been out of town in a year which is very hard for these travel itchy feet.


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