Friday, February 03, 2006


This little cutie came hopping out of the most wonderful package of goodies from my very excellent SP. She pressed all of my fiber buttons--

--textured yarn to knit a fantastic pattern for a entrelac scarf in my signature colors, purple, pink and burgundy.

--coordinating needles with which to knit the above.

--hand dyed merino roving that I would have started on right away as it is so gorgeous but I have to finish my homework for my class tomorrow.

--a yarn cutter on a leash which is perfect for me who is always misplacing everything.

--chocolate milk and cookies to help keep my strenght up!

--a very handy magnetic memo pad to keep me organized.

What a very thoughtful and incredible package that was really a bit of sunshine in a week that I am thrilled to see end. Between the cold/flu and the pregnant daughter giving us a scare (everything is fine and as soon as I finish this am on my way over to see for myself) this hasn't been the best of the year. Things are looking up--thank you SP you are the best.


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