Thursday, April 26, 2007


Lula was made from a pattern in Lucinda Guy's AND SO TO BED... for Zora's first birthday which is tomorrow. Her parents are hosting a gala celebration on Saturday and I hope to get pictures of Zora and Lula together. If this doll survives I have plans to expand her wardrobe. Right now I sewed everything to her body so those tiny shoes and hairbows don't end up in someone's mouth. She was fun to do and I can see making some friends for her.

I am already working on Janel's socks for my May sock. The combination of yarns is nice but the pattern is a bit of a challenge for my stuffed head and chest (I have the crud again for the third time this year and am in the midst of a giant pity party. I'll snap out of it soon.). According to the posts on the STR blog almost the
whole world has their next pattern and yarn but me. I was last on the
list last time and hoped for a higher position. This was a costly propostion and so far has not been what I hoped for. The Chameleon Colorworks has been a much better choice

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At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Francesca said...

What a wonderful gift for Zora.
Happy birthday Zora!


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