Monday, August 08, 2011


I am delaying this post a bit as I am hoping that my great nephew, for whom this blanket was knit will be here. He was due the 31st of July and is slightly tardy much to the discomfort of the mama.

I am off to weaving school on Widbey Island for a week. Staying at a Bed and Breakfast Inn and will walk to class each day. Should be fun. When I get home I will be ready and better prepared to try a project on my new Baby....

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Sunday, August 07, 2011


Hot off the loom, seven yards (though only 14 inches wide) of assorted twill. I really wanted to get a substantial piece woven and finally did it. Warping is starting to go a bit easier and this warp was an almost unbreakable thread, so that was covered. There was real freedom here as this was some free thread of undetermined content that someone brought to the spinning guild. I did not worry about it turning out and wove in pattern or not according to my mood. Finally some things are beginning to come together and I am starting to "get it."

The picture is the fabric unfinished. I washed it and it came out just fine. The next step is to cut into and actually make something.

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Friday, August 05, 2011


The trip north on the train while a bit grueling had some very lovely scenery. My seatmate ended up being a member of the Ventura guild going to the same event. Small world.

I was lucky enough to have been able to stay with GLASG alum moved to Oregon, Elissa at her lovely ranch. The donkey's greeted me when I arrived and were more than thrilled to have my left-over carrots.

The BSG show was great and while I could have spent a grip, I did restrain myself and only came home with some of Chameleon Colorworks new twice dyed fiber which I will share some other time.

Three days were spent dyeing with Nancy Finn. The first day was devoted to dye small silk strips working from solids to mixed colors. I ended up with some very good samples and some good ideas on how to achieve desired colors. Now to find the time to play around.

In the next two half-day classes fiber and yarn were dyed in our own colorways. I ended up with a couple of potential warps that I plan on weaving up as soon as I get the project currently on the loom woven off.

While there I went with Elissa to pick up her new puppy an adorable Bouvier who was too sweet. Needless to say I came home with serious puppy lust which I am struggling to control.

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