Thursday, September 24, 2009


Two more of the summer's bounty and also one of my favorite designers. Sally Melville is someone I like to go to for inspiration. I think that she has a wide breath of design ideas and her knit, pearl and color series had some real classics.

The Sally Melville Styles book has included an interesting technique of weaving another yarn through the pearl stitches in garter. While I thought that her design was just ok, I could see the possibilities of weaving on top of an item. It is also possibly a way to use up those scraps we all seem to hang on to.

Her newest book, Mother-Daughter Knits has a wide variety of patterns and lots of tips and techniques to insure a garment that fits your body. I am still looking at this one.

Here it is Fall and 100+ degrees. It's a little hot to think about sweaters, though I am busy trying to finish my vest. I got some more Ripe Avocado fiber from Chameleon Colorworks and spun up it doesn't look like it will be enough to finish my square, knit the collar and the bottom trim. Nancy.......

Yet to come: pre-ordered my copy of Susana Lewis' Lace Knitting Workshop. It is being republished by Schoolhouse Press for $30 and will be here on 10/15! Wahoo.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


A couple of weekends ago a group of my gal pals and I went up to my sister's cabin above Running Springs to hang out, spin, knit and whatever. It was a weekend that was eight months in the planning to get all the schedules synchronized and so worth it. We had a lovely time and for the most part were above all the smoke in the valley.

Projects are happening and a couple are on the verge of being FOs! I want to finish my scarf out of the KA mitt leftovers for the gallery at SOAR and my vest out of the handspun ripe avocado to wear at the same event.

Work has been kicking my butt all summer and probably will keep up through the month of November. Right now I am just hanging in until the last week of October when SOAR happens.