Saturday, September 30, 2006


This has been one of the worst weeks in history. I am tired, have worked too many hours and still can't find the camera. I think that I have to live with the fact that someone was in the house--but not again as there are new deadbolts on the doors. I am tired of having to deal with everyone else's problems and not have enough energy to take care of mine. I want to scream! Venting here is much better than outloud!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Friday there was not one but two lovely packages from my SP on the doorstep, but alas the camera is no where to be found. Kay from German sent lovely silk yarn in a blue/maize colorway with some coordinating solids. I am going to have to drool over this one for awhile before I use it. Also in the second package was some cotton for dishcloths and some very cute notebooks. Hopefully the camera will turn up soon so I can post pics.

Also got some great news on Friday (a very stellar day as my son-in-law, Edgar Arceneaux, had a major opening at the Redcat Gallery which the Times will review later this week)---My name came up on the waiting list for the Bernard Mably class in October. I think that this will coincide with the publication of his new book and we'll be doing intarsia. Should be fun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


DSC00375 (2)
Spent Saturday at a supported spindle workshop taught by guild member Gwen Powell. Of course I had to buy the cute spindle and pretty bowl. Glad to know about this technique and will practice at some point if for no other reason than to spin the camel down I bought at the beginning of the summer, but I really hate spinning little bits of yarn. I want mass quantities! Following the class had a lovely lunch with Francesca, Janel and Kathy. If there's anyone out there reading this stuff who hasn't seen Spindlicity (created by the very talented Janel), then check it out!

I also gave into temptation and put a deposit on a Kromski Harp 24" loom. It seems like another good way to use up this yarn (not sure that this stuff I spin really deserves to be called that) up and painting warp also sounds like something up my alley.