Thursday, August 24, 2006


Lucky me, my doorstep seems to produce the nicest things. My SP sent two skeins of the loveliest sock yarn in just my colors. As soon as I finish the scarf and baby dress that are on the needles I plan to do something with the lavender. The double points are made from recycled musicial instruments--how cool is that?--and the CD is Brahms, one of my personal faves. I plan on listening to it on the way in to work tomorrow.

Jane Fonda is visiting the Library tomorrow night to talk about her book. The local press has been a buzz with the local vet organizations talking smack about Miss Jane. I for one am sorry that she is retracting her actions, as a fellow peace demonstrator I always thought what she did was very cool. Go figure.-

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Friday when I got home from work there it was a package waiting on the porch from 1-800-FLOWERS. I was sure that it must have been a mistake, but no it was addressed to me. My darling youngest daughter, author of years of love notes left in pockets, purses and other unlikely spots to surprise her mother, sent them "just because"--a very lovely tribute. How lucky can I get?

Saturday, Francesca, Una and I made a pilgrimage in my new toaster on wheels to the Fabulous Fiber Fest. As is evidenced from the photo, not one ounce of fiber was purchased. Too many quilters for my taste. I missed the Park Bench Pattern people that were there last year, now I'll have to order on-line. The fabrics were nice but too expensive if you weren't buying fat quarters.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Stash Scarf

Spent the afternoon knitting and chatting with Francesca and Margarete (owner of the wonderful new fiber store Stick and Stone Fiberarts). The shop is a riot of the most gorgeous colors and fibers. I came home with some green cotton and some multicolored rayon than I plan to ply with wool. The company was, as always good and it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

I was working with some stuff I have been sitting and looking at for the past month wondering what to do with it. This was the result of a dyeing experiment. I had some rust-colored dye left in the pot and dumped some chained roving into it and was very pleased with the results. It spun up to resemble the very labor intense hand painted stuff I have been working on. Plan to try this technique again but add in some more colors. The scarf shows off the color variations and is an interesting architectural design. It too has sent my brain a flying and plan to play with a few more variations on this theme.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


...on wheels. After much anxiety and a mere two hours of my time I finally committed to buying this new car. Said a fond farewell to the Civic and its cracked head gasket, wonky A/C and low profile on the road and took possession of this lovely new Honda--picture is my color, but my trim is blue. My past as a driver of VW buses was too strong, just had to be higher on the road. So far it is great but will have to test the cruse control out and take it to Monterey soon. Now just have to figure out how to buy gas and fiber on my income!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE....for SP8 Mama, Shelby

DSC00351 (2)
This is the oldest UFO--my Color on Color scarf. I have hit a very rough spot with this one, so it is on hiatus. When my life, work and the weather calms down IT WILL BE FINISHED as there is too much time and money in this one to let it go.
My Noro sweater which started out as the "Faith" sweater and has morphed into something else. It just needs the collar joined and the sleves done to make it's debut. Also waiting for cooler weather.
My lovely shawly from Angela's (SP7--Check her site and contribute to the wheels and cards for Ethiopia drive) rayon flax. It is over 6 feet at this point but I am determined to use all the yarn.
Last but not very cute yet,(had to frog the cute smocked part as it will be too short for her by December)is Zora baby's Christmas dress--a Debbie Bliss cutie with lambs frollicking on the front.

My spinning mania to sit and spin in front of the fan. The weather is heating up so look for more. The yellow is the first skein for a sweater for ZB.