Thursday, June 10, 2010


So much for sound economic policies and saving money. The postman still delivers treasures.

Think Outside the Sox is a lovely collection of different and intriguing patterns for socks. The cover sock was my impetus for buying this one and I was not disappointed with the rest. Looks like some fun knits and time to get back into sock knitting.

8-Shaft patterns is just another step on the weaving journey. I am not quite ready to jump into this but can forsee it in my future.

The real treat in the lot is 1000 Artisan Textiles. Lots of inspirational photos but not intimidating as there is also a lot of very ugly stuff that made it into this book. Fortunately enough to be reassuring.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010


May's finished projects on the loom. I am trying to work my way though the pattern book and get also get comfortable warping and weaving. The close-up is of the 3/1 twill of scarf one and a more true depiction of the actual color which is a handspun Chameleon Colorworks roving in veridian dark and light. The middle scarf is one no one will probably ever wear as it was done using some of Ruth Schooley's color gamp that I took at a GLASG meeting. It's Harrisville Shetland and while the colors are lovely, it is scratchy. Too bad.

I am enjoying time at the loom and watching the patterns grow. The 3/1 has 34 picks to complete the pattern and it was difficult keeping track until started using an old knitter's trick and inserted a piece of sewing thread at the beginning of the sequence creating a lifeline.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010


Spinning for May--over 3,000 yards. I have no life, just spinning. The redish colorway is from Lauri Lawson and is two different (somehow lost the tags) plied together and are planned for a possible vest. Need to spin some more yarn!

The purple came from an ETSY vendor whose tag I also lost, but remember the colorway Asami. I wasn't happy with how this plied using the jumbo head on the Lendrum--plys much too losely--so I ran it through again and plied it very tightly. It will be a warp for some as yet to be dreamed up project.
The lovely blue is a Chameleon Colorworks that I love and will have to ask Nancy for more. There are only about 600 yards here of fingering weight.

I am trying hard to spin up stuff from the stash and also to have some yarns for weaving. This is part of my new economic policy to save some $$$ but since nature abhors a vaccumm, it probably won't work.
The Little Old Spinner from Pasadena.