Friday, August 19, 2005


Visited Fiberfest and managed to bring home a considerable addition the spinning stash. Got some lovely hand-painted wool/silk roving from Nancy Finn which will have to wait until I get the courage to attempt it. I also purchased a pound of one of Crosspatch’s blends and some merino to add to the collection. I also found some lovely glass buttons for some works in progress.

There was a pattern company there that had some wonderful stuff. I limited myself to three, but will probably succumb to more. Two of the patterns are perfect for some of the fabric I brought back from Guatemala. Now I just have to unearth the sewing machine.

While this was a nice show, it was really oriented to quilters and did not have quite the breadth of yarn/roving nor of wheels I had hoped to see. I was worried that I should have waited for this event to buy a wheel and was glad that I had not waited. My Fricke is still doing wonderfully!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I made the decision to blog when I realized how many of my things have disappeared over the years. Some went as gifts while others succumbed to wear and I have no record of my successes/failures.

These are the most current projects still in the basket and the starting place. They, of course do not represent the yarn in the stash bought for various projects yet started (Nepali silk short row purse for one) nor the gifts I have yet to plan for Christmas (time is running out!).

The baby sweater needs to be done next month for the shower of a friend of my daughters--and mine--baby boy who is due to join us in October. Just needs sewing and neckband, but like most projects that have passed the challenge stage is stalled. Hopefully I won't be up working like a crazy woman the night before the shower.

The Noro entrelac is one of the few projects that I really splurged on the wool. I love the colors and as soon as it cools down, I'll get it put together and the trim and collar done. This fiber was one of my main inspirations to start spinning and hand-painting my own material.

The main color in the kimono sweater was hand-painted by me--a first effort. The body of the sweater is made from remants from the basket, knitted on a circular needle until it is the size desired. This represents one-half of the garment. It's fun watching it grow and searching for the right tidbits to include, but it is going to be very bulky. I am worried that the wearer may look like the hulk in it.

The socks are the last pair left from Christmas and almost finished, just need a free evening, :-)

Friday, August 12, 2005


Cashmerino and Debbie Bliss baby patterns here I come. Just found out that I am going to be a grandma sometime in May or June of next year. Can hardly wait. But have to get busy on the baby blankets now, will save the sweaters and hats until we know the gender of our newest family member.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Lovely afternoon off when I found myself on the way to Palmdale and long story short---I NOW HAVE MY OWN WHEEL!!! Splurged and got the wooly winder and once I get used to everything it will be wonderful.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My first efforts with the drop spindle. A felted hat hides the real crunchy stuff while this awaits--gloves or scarf??

The second pic is my little red hen--I dyed the roving, spun it and am knitting it into what I hope will be a sensational vest. All I need to do is master short rows so I can finish the shawl collar I want to see on it. Most of this was spun on a hand spindle and after I took the class with John Pitblado finished on the wheel. I can hardly wait to get one of my own--am in love.The blue and raspberry is still a work in progress. This has been spun totally on a wheel and is the result of my bright idea to combine three colors--handpainting is a much better idea.