Saturday, September 27, 2008


Thank you goddess of the calendar for a shift in Saturdays so that I could attend the GLASG meeting, my first in months. It was nice to see many pals and catch up with them. But the best was the program which featured the warm and lovely Stephanie Gaustad who spoke to us for over an hour on blending fibers. I learned so much in that short time that I can hardly wait for the Deb Menz class at SOAR (six days and counting). The guild was very fortunate to have her visit. She will be teaching a bast fibers workshop tom
tomorrow which I will just be the hall monitor for as I am the key holder for the school.

As usual I got into much trouble in the book department and purchased these three that have been on my list for months. Nancy Boerman of Creative Handweavers always has a good selection and it is nice to be
able to preview them before buying. Since they just came home today,
I haven't had
time to really spend with them yet, so will have to actually review them at a future date.

In the past year I have greatly added to my fiber library and have been very neglectful at posting reviews. I hope to change that very soon as I have found some nice titles.

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Friday, September 26, 2008


How about a candidate that proposes Elizabeth Zimmerman's birthday as a national holiday? Sounds good to me. Dolores is about to start her national tour and I am considering hosting her. Anyone want to come to the party? Read more about the Fibertarians and Dolores at the Panopticon.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The count down begins! I am very excited about going to SOAR. I got into the Deb Menz drum carder workshop which should be a good one. I still have my camel merino to spin and some lovely new fiber from Chameleon Colorworks--Briar Rose to take to spin. I am working on a shawl from a Hoxboro pattern in handspun (Figgy Pudding). Now all I need to do is throw some clothes in a bag, board the plane and hope that the sciatic problem that has made my life hell for the past month holds.I will be traveling with a friend to Philadelphia, spending the night and then off to the Poconos for a week of fun.

Hope I remember the camera (seems to be a mental block with me) so that I can share lots of pics when I get home!