Thursday, January 17, 2008


Finished Zora's shrug finally. It was supposed to be for Christmas but go delayed as her mother decided that I needed to make a red cord jacket for her Santa picture. I stopped on the way home to take the picture and while she was happy to see me and the new sweater, I could not get a smile out of her. It waited until later when there was ice cream for dessert.

The shrug was knit with some Cashmerino left over from her baby blanket using a lace pattern from an old Barbara Walker book. It doesn't show but the neck and back edge have a nice finish using an Annie Modesett treatment.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was very lucky at Christmas and received several new books from friends and family. Unfortunately I have had little time to really go through them thoroughly. But when I do, there will be lots of good reading for weeks!

This is one I bought myself and ordered from It is a fantastic collection of lace patterns with wonderful charts that don't seem to difficult to understand. Knitting my way through this one will take years--but what fun!

Have two more FO's for 2008 just need a model and some natural light for pictures. Also this past Sunday was spent setting the twist in 20 skeins of handspun in addition to over dyeing one of my major dye mistakes.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


On the blocking board using the new blocking wires which made keeping the straight lines straight so effortless. This was a fun knit that was challenging enough to keep me involved but not overly so that I got bogged down. I wasn't too sure about the Kid Silk Haze at first but when I ditched the Addi's for Bryson circulars it knit up like a dream.

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