Saturday, November 24, 2007


A little shrug for Zora baby's second Christmas. This is being knit in some left over Rowan that can go in the washer. The lace pattern is from a Barbara Walker book and a little more challenging that I had intended as the second row is not a mindless one, but one that requires counting.

Since this is my usual kamakaze style of knitting, I am not sure where to end this half and will have to go over there and hold it up to her and see where I am later today

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Friday, November 23, 2007


This is the first batch of 28 ounces of Crosspatch Lemon and Lime that I am spinning up for a weaving project. I have some tencel in colors from this yarn to warp the loom with and plan to do a three panel ruana. Right now it's still in my head and needs to progress to sketching and planning the warp. I would like to use the week that I will have off between Christmas and New Year's to get this on the loom but good intentions...

This is also my project to get used to the Joy which I am liking with the exception of the hooks. My Fricke, which I really have to try and sell this year, has a Wooly Winder and the Lendrum a slider bar both of which are much nicer to use than the hook system. All I need is some more practice and time and I am sure that I will get used to them.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My year long One City/One Glendale...for younger readers culminated last Thursday night and was a resounding success.
Cynthia Kadohata, Newbery award-winning author of Weedflower and local author Naomi Hirohara were there to lead a community discussion about the book to an audience of almost 200 children, parents and guests.

Cynthia readily agreed to participating in this event which was a nice coup but there were so many obstacles to overcome that this was a real endurance event. Children's events and services usually take a backseat to those for adults and this was no
exception in the minds of the coordinators of the adult event held
the previous week.

This event's attendance and all-around success did blow them out of the water and clearly indicates the need for this type of program for children in our community. They truly outshone the adults in the depth of questions they posed to the author and were thrilled have the chance to get their personal copy of the book signed by "someone famous."

Programming is over for the year--yeah!!

On a personal note, my son-in-law, Edgar Arceneaux, just won a very prestigious grant with an enormous cash award attached. If you are in reach of a Sunday edition of the Los Angeles or New York times there is a full page ad in the first section, check it out!

To keep my limited sanity in check I have been spinning like a fool on the new wheel. Pictures to follow.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007


After almost reducing the Lendrum to kindling this summer while traveling I decided that a wheel that could travel was a must. When I saw the ad on Ravelry for an Ashford DT knew that the time was right. I can't take pictures of the actual beauty due to some camera battery issues, but the likeness is the same. She arrived in perfect condition due to the excellent packing of her previous owner "Bluejinx" and spins nicely. I had never spun on a Joy before and was a bit nervous but the transition is very smooth. I managed to fill a bobbin with the pictured crosspatch lemon and lime colorway that I purchased from Nancy at the Handweaver's sale last Sunday. The big problem now is that all I want to do is sit and spin and there are things such as work, chores, and Christmas knitting that require my attention. Oh to be retired and have time that is actually my own! I can hardly wait until the One City/One Glendale program is finally over next week and there is more time to breathe.

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