Friday, June 30, 2006


The nicest package arrived in the mail today from my secret pal all the way from Hamburg, Germany. She sent the loveliest blue yarn--picture does not do the color justice--handspun from a sheep from Saxony. It is the most gorgeous job of spinning and exactly what I have been trying to achieve with my long draw. I am thrilled to have something this wonderful to inspire me towards my goal. The card also brought back memories of time I spent in her very lovely town.
She also included the nicest box of beads from all over the world, some came from India, Czech Republic, Israel and other distant parts. There was also a flower clasp that will make anything I compose with these treasures even nicer. This was truly a wonderful and very thoughtful surprise. I love all of it--thank you SP!!!
Practice is paying off. The skein on the left is an older attempt at long draw and the skein on the right is my most current. Progress may be slow, but it is happening. It is so hot and humid here right now that knitting isn't fun, but fortunately spinning is.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Went down to Ramona last weekend with some fiber pals and visited the Powell Sheep Company where I purchased all of this loveliness--all nine pounds of a Columbia sheep fleece that used to belong to a sheep named plum. It seemed like such a wonderful idea at the time and the fleece was so lovely. I had read all about scouring a fleece and always thought that it was way too much work--and the reality is that it is! What was I thinking?

This is what happened when it went through a combing process to open the locks and several soakings in Dawn and then hot water to melt out all the lanolin. It is lovely and white.
But then it has to be carded, which is not one of my major skills. I think I have to find someone to work with me on this one. Combing looks easier, but those combs are so lethal looking.
Finally to the wheel it goes and becomes yarn! Well, my version of yarn that is.
And in the midst of all this fun---finished socks. These are from the Interweave Sock Book.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This lovely green tea/ginger soap was waiting for me in my mail box when I got home today, a gift from my SP. Thanks mystery woman, I love nice soap and am soon to be off to test this out and rid myself of the detritus of a very long day.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yesterday another envelope from the Yarn of the Month . It's a very inexpensive way to sample different yarns--only $5.00 a month and in addition to the yarn you also get a pattern (though I must admit none have been anything that I like) and information about yarn types, fibers, etc. The web site directs you to where the yarn is available locally if one were to fall in love with a certain fiber. I have belonged for almost a year and have enjoyed getting a taste of different fibers without leaving home

It's not as if I don't have enough projects on the needles right now without starting another, but this lovely fiber, a rayon flax blend, was a gift from my SP 7 Angela and the pattern is from one of my favorite pattern companies, Just One More Row. It is a lovely two row repeat and is working up very fast. I took this photo this morning when the light was good and it is almost twice this size after a little over a hours work.

Spent the afternoon at our new local fiber and equipment pushers owned by guild members Janel and Margarite, Stick & Stone Fiberarts trying to learn long draw with John. I did pretty well with the blue faced leicester but the merino yak blend was another story. Those short fibers made me crazy! I have many hours of practice ahead of me to master this and fortunately have enough junk fiber to practice with.