Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tencel and graduated hand dyed grey warp on the loom. Main purpose of the project is as with the others, practice warping, practice weaving and see where it leads. This pattern depends on a very even beat which seems to be way beyond my skill set. I spent some time looking and woven items from a recent class where some of the students were first time weavers on rigid heddle looms and they seem to get that intuitively. I am struggling, but hope never dies.


Monday, October 24, 2011


Three different takes on a Wall of Troy variant threading. The purple/green and the unfinished are warps handpainted in Nancy Finn's class at Black Sheep and woven with tencel weft threads. The yarns for these are a lace weight yarn and the tencel is an 8/2. The other, a slightly different variant was woven in a bamboo. All of these are now totally finished, including twisted fringe and added to my swatch pile that hopefully will keep growing along with my skills as a weaver.

I am trying to keep something going on the loom at all times and was doing a good job until the Halloween costume season hit. There are a couple of other experiments using handspun warps to
share when I get around to taking the pictures. Last night started threading a warp that I dyed in graduated shades of grey and have a couple of more warps wound waiting their turn.

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